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Current gametime:
NE 1213 Choren 10 @ 22:00
Game update: 2008 July 30

- More progress eradicating lag:
  o Rooms are now updated only if they need it (blood, residues, fog, etc).
  o Affects are now updated/checked only on characters with affects.
- Affections will now properly decay.  That is, if you're affected by the
  form "Sheathing the sword" or by the weave "refresh", you can count on
  their adverse affects occuring.
- The scripting system should no longer forget who you are.  This means the
  gates, the mistress of the wheel, etc, should now properly respond to you
  at all times.  If not, please let an immortal know, and re-login.
- Examining objects will no longer result in random gibberish (or garbage).
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