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Current gametime:
NE 1218 Adar 3 @ 3:00
Game update: 2009 May 17 - Maxim

- Mortals cannot send tells to mortals of another race if they are at war with
  that race.
- Fixed a bug where objects with no defined size will now be flagged properly
  for the player trying to wear the object.
- When wielding a weapon you will now be told if you do not have the required
  skill to effectively wield that weapon.
- The automatic reboots should no longer skip their warning messages.
- All houses are now forcibly saved prior to the mud rebooting.
- Forms that cause the victim to become disarmed now also induce a 1 second
  lag state on the victim so that they cannot automatically rewield.  This
  probably doesn't affect NPCs.
- The 'map' command will now indicate the presence of PC corpses by the
  symbol '?'
- Milking cows will now continue to fill containers past 8 units if they
  contain milk.
- Drink containers should now weigh 1 pound when empty, and 1 additional pound
  for every 8 units of liquid contained inside.  This should now be consistent
  across all commands (drink/sip/fill/pour).
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