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Current gametime:
NE 1218 Adar 3 @ 12:00
Mirrors of the Wheel was started as a wild idea in five friends minds who played and/or Imm'd at another Wheel of Time themed MUD and wanted to explore different ideas and concepts. Over the past two years those five friends have gathered in and lost numerous people from the WOT mudding community, including four of the original five Creators. We thank all those people for their contributions and credit their work within the MUD where applicable. Sadly it is just myself that has had the drive or perhaps addiction ;) to continue to pilot this project along the with a now very dedicated crew.

When we began we thought we knew what we were getting into, boy were we wrong ;) But in spite of the massive undertaking and numerous problems and near shutdowns when nearly everyone lost hope, we are still around and still growing everyday. And best of all, our work is coming to fruition where we will soon share it with the WOT mudding community and the internet at large! So to all of those who thought we would never make it: *tstick*. *grin* Sorry had to throw that in there.

Our current group of Creators consists of:
  • Jaxon - Prime Builder
  • Shawnyve - Head of Building and General Administration
  • Maxim - Head of Coding
  • Caen - Head of RolePlay
  • Mouser - Head of Policies and Player Relations
Our current wizlist can be found here.

You can also access information about the open source code from around the CircleMUD community, that we have used as the base for our MUD and the code that Maxim has written and shared at MirrorsMUD Code.

Last update: 2018 Jun 22 Suggestions, comments, errors? Contact mirrors@mirrorsmud.net