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Welcome to Mirrors of the Wheel

MirrorsMUD began in 1998, with the goal of recreating as faithfully as possible the world of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time. In order to facilitate the feeling of immersion in this richly detailed (and dangerous!) world MirrorsMUD heavily encourages roleplaying, while at the same time not restricting player versus player fighting outside of in-character repercussions. A simply massive build scale has also been pursued, with over 20,000 rooms and counting. Big cities really do feel like big cities, and journeys between them cross landscapes as detailed as they are vast. With an active immortal staff work new content is being added all the time, so come and give us a visit. Your ideas and comments are welcome!

We currently have our forums up and running at this new site. Please head over to www.mirrorsmud.net/forums to find what we are currently up to and information to help you play our game.

Recent Highlights

MirrorsMUD is now bigger and better than ever! A lot of code has been updated to help make things run smoother, and many new zones have been added or are under construction. See below for some of the bigger developments.

The fires of Mount Dhoom rage as the dark side gathers strength

The Trolloc race has been implemented! Several clans are currently under construction, each with their own base and unique equipment. These include: the Ahf'frait, Bhan'sheen, Ghar'ghael, Dhai'mon, Kno'mon, and Ko'bal. Blight zones are also being extended, and Thak'andar is now under construction.

The perilous ways connect the land

MirrorsMUD is big, very big, but it is now possible to travel across it with speed if you are brave enough to enter the newly added ways. The blighted far north also has its own gate, thanks to which raids and trolloc versus wetlander battles have already taken place.

The lost art of travelling has been rediscovered

To the knowledgeable and powerful channelers the ability to create portals connecting disparate sides of the world is now available.

Death and Rebirth System Overhaul

It is now possible to have more control over where you are "respun" into the weavings of the wheel after you die.

The Aiel Waste (or the Threefold Land)

Belgar and Loril have been planning and plotting this for quite a while, and work has begun on expanding the Aiel Waste. Additionally work has been done to correct the NPCs clan memberships as well as some PC clan issues.

The dark side will continue to expand in the not too distant future, with not only new zones, but the Fade race. Work also continues on the Aiel, with several new zones soon to be implemented including new holds. Construction of the southern city of Tear has also been resumed, a massive location, which including the Stone covers some 900 rooms.

--The Builders

World of Mirrors of the Wheel

The world consists of over 20,000 rooms, covering the map of the Wheel of Time from Illian in the south, Four Kings in the west, Whispering springs on the east in the Aiel Waste, and the Blight to the north.

We have nearly finished the push into the Borderlands, the Road to Chachin will be opening soon along with the Outer Walls of Chachin itself.

Available Clans

      There are more than 50 clans available for mortals to join. The Aiel societies are implemented as are clans, as well as the national armies in the Wetlands. The most popular to date are Far Dareis Mai and Shae'en M'taal for the Aiel. For the Wetlanders, Shining Guards, Warder Students, and the White Tower are the most popular.

Coming Soon:

      Development continues on the Stone of Tear, the Aiel Waste, and Jehannah Road which will eventually bring Fortress of Light. (Currently the Children have a camp west of Lugard.) Plus many other projects relating to quests and crafting, and expanding the atmosphere of our already detailed world.

The Ogier stedding Tsofu is also progressing, and once completed will allow for us to add the Ogier race to the game.

If you're interested in what we are doing, each Immortal has a 'plan'. Use finger <name> to see what we are currently working on. up to.

Last update: 2022 Mar 15 Suggestions, comments, errors? Contact mirrors@mirrorsmud.net