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Current gametime:
NE 1218 Adar 2 @ 23:00
Game update: January 5, 2009

Large scale changes have been made to the Caemlyn city zone layout and Queen's
Guard mobs.  Continuing smaller changes to shoploads, civillian mobs and other
details around the city will be made over the coming months. Over the next few
weeks, the CP totals to rank (for military clans) at rank six and above will
be altered. Likewise, the four hour RL wait period for White Tower chores / 
tasks for Accepted and Novices will be changed to two hours.
New general forums replacing Loril's old boards have been set up at the
following address: http://mirrorsproboardscom.proboards.com/index.cgi

Once registered, contact Itrana about access to clan sections, etc. Single
email address can be used for multiple accounts for different characters. All
active immortals use the immortal section heavilly, so mortal posts will be
seen by multiple imms ensuring queries/problems/ideas/etcs arent lost in
mails to inactive members and other former communications hiccups.

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