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NE 1216 Aine 9 @ 2:00
Game update: May 14, 2009 - Maxim

* Tracking NPCs will no longer hit as soon as they enter the room with you.
  You may have a second or two to avoid them.  Additionally if you are hidden
  the NPC has a chance to reveal you and will then attack you if successful at
  revealing you.
* Corrected messages regarding mounts throwing their riders.  It now correctly
  chooses the sex of the mount when saying "he" or "she" doesn't want you
  riding "him" or "her" anymore.
* Corrected some combat messages to use proper case - at the beginning of the
  line at least.
* Corrected the message shown to observers when a channeler dies from over-
* You can no longer give things to people in combat.
* Now when you log in with a lit light in your inventory it will automatically
  be turned off for you unless it's a permanent light.
* NPCs will no longer flee through NOMOB doors.
* If you change your description and do not enter the game, your description
  will still be saved.
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