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Current gametime:
NE 1218 Adar 2 @ 12:00
Game update: 2009 July 13 - Maxim

- New command for you armor wearers: armor.  See its help file for details.
- Questmasters will now be listed in rooms with a "!" at the beginning of
  their line.
- Channeler regen has been increased.
Game update: 2009 May 19 - Maxim

- idea/bug/typo filesize increased.  Please continue to submit your ideas.
- The 'clean' weave will now also cleanse traces of blood from the room.
- The 'trace' weave will no longer pulse faster than once every 5 seconds.
  Prior to this it could pulse as fast as once a second, depending on your
  skill in the weave.  Starts out at 20 seconds between pulses when you first
  learn the weave.
- Fixed a typo where some character names were not capitalized when they used
Game update: 2009 May 17 - Maxim

- Mortals cannot send tells to mortals of another race if they are at war with
  that race.
- Fixed a bug where objects with no defined size will now be flagged properly
  for the player trying to wear the object.
- When wielding a weapon you will now be told if you do not have the required
  skill to effectively wield that weapon.
- The automatic reboots should no longer skip their warning messages.
- All houses are now forcibly saved prior to the mud rebooting.
- Forms that cause the victim to become disarmed now also induce a 1 second
  lag state on the victim so that they cannot automatically rewield.  This
  probably doesn't affect NPCs.
- The 'map' command will now indicate the presence of PC corpses by the
  symbol '?'
- Milking cows will now continue to fill containers past 8 units if they
  contain milk.
- Drink containers should now weigh 1 pound when empty, and 1 additional pound
  for every 8 units of liquid contained inside.  This should now be consistent
  across all commands (drink/sip/fill/pour).
Game update: May 14, 2009 - Maxim

* Tracking NPCs will no longer hit as soon as they enter the room with you.
  You may have a second or two to avoid them.  Additionally if you are hidden
  the NPC has a chance to reveal you and will then attack you if successful at
  revealing you.
* Corrected messages regarding mounts throwing their riders.  It now correctly
  chooses the sex of the mount when saying "he" or "she" doesn't want you
  riding "him" or "her" anymore.
* Corrected some combat messages to use proper case - at the beginning of the
  line at least.
* Corrected the message shown to observers when a channeler dies from over-
* You can no longer give things to people in combat.
* Now when you log in with a lit light in your inventory it will automatically
  be turned off for you unless it's a permanent light.
* NPCs will no longer flee through NOMOB doors.
* If you change your description and do not enter the game, your description
  will still be saved.
Game update: May 13, 2009 - Maxim

* Added the milk command.  This command will allow you to milk certain NPCs
  and fill your liquid containers with fresh milk.  Please be patient while
  the builders flag the appropriate NPCs as milkable.  And stay away from
  the wet nurses!

Game update: May 10, 2009 - Maxim

* Linking has been improved.  Channelers can now link without fear of going
  negative.  Additionally, MCs and FCs linked together will no longer find
  the FCs running out of mana first.

Game update: April 25, 2009 - Maxim

* Movement loss due to spamming has been adjusted.
  - In rooms that your character's race only loses 1 point you will be able to
    spam without penalty.
  - If you enter moves that are processed in back to back pulses on the mud
    (1/10th of a second) you'll lose 150% the movement points required.
  - If you enter moves faster than once per second you will lose one
    additional movement point.  This is down from one move per 2 seconds. 
* Aiel now can move through mountains and hills more easily, and less easily
  through forests.
* Trollocs can now move through mountains more easily.

Game update: April 21, 2009 - Shawnyve
WB now really do behave properly
PT chinups no longer allow you to go neg moves
Military clan kit/eq issues cp cost has been drastically reduced
 and all of them should work except insignia issue for CoL & HoL.
Game update: April 10, 2009 - SHAWNYVE

* Tower issue now works properly.
* Tower stipend for all ranks now works properly.
* Military clans,  now reports what each
    mob does for the clan and gives you the keywords to use.
* Military clans, All clan quartermasters will again issue your eq
    or kits properly.(reduction in cps forthcoming)
* Shienaran Lancers, WS, SG, QG, Cavalry works again.
    (other clans forthcoming)
* Wolves now behave as they should towards WBs, remember to seek
    out an immortal to have a nickname set should you find you
    are one.
If anyone has any other issues with clans or finds ones with the above, 
  notify me immediately by mudmail or through the boards.
Game update: January 5, 2009

Large scale changes have been made to the Caemlyn city zone layout and Queen's
Guard mobs.  Continuing smaller changes to shoploads, civillian mobs and other
details around the city will be made over the coming months. Over the next few
weeks, the CP totals to rank (for military clans) at rank six and above will
be altered. Likewise, the four hour RL wait period for White Tower chores / 
tasks for Accepted and Novices will be changed to two hours.
New general forums replacing Loril's old boards have been set up at the
following address: http://mirrorsproboardscom.proboards.com/index.cgi

Once registered, contact Itrana about access to clan sections, etc. Single
email address can be used for multiple accounts for different characters. All
active immortals use the immortal section heavilly, so mortal posts will be
seen by multiple imms ensuring queries/problems/ideas/etcs arent lost in
mails to inactive members and other former communications hiccups.

Game update: 2008 August 07

- Idling out and then logging back in with a mount should no longer allow
  you to duplicate equipment.  Please let us know if it does.
- Bond Token will provide grammatically correct messages now.
- Prayers will now be sent to imms even if they are editing things.
Game update: 2008 July 30

- More progress eradicating lag:
  o Rooms are now updated only if they need it (blood, residues, fog, etc).
  o Affects are now updated/checked only on characters with affects.
- Affections will now properly decay.  That is, if you're affected by the
  form "Sheathing the sword" or by the weave "refresh", you can count on
  their adverse affects occuring.
- The scripting system should no longer forget who you are.  This means the
  gates, the mistress of the wheel, etc, should now properly respond to you
  at all times.  If not, please let an immortal know, and re-login.
- Examining objects will no longer result in random gibberish (or garbage).
Game update: 2008 July 27

You may have noticed that the mud is a lot more responsive now.  We made an
important change to the scripting system so that it better scales to our
massive world.

We do realize that there are still "lag-spikes" occurring at regular intervals
and will tackle those next.  Thank you for your patience through the era of
inhumane lag and we hope you enjoy the improvements we have made.
Game update: 2008 July 21

- Potions are no longer unlimited.

Game update: 2008 July 19

Mirrors Has Moved!

The server is in its new home.  If you can't reach it at mirrorsmud.net in the
next day or two, try using the IP address instead:

Game update: 2008 July 9

Mirrors is moving!

The server is moving to a new physical location.  As soon as the new connection
is established in the new location we will announce the move here in the MotD &&
on the website.  Keep your eyes on this spot for more details as they become
available.  Hopefully the entire transition should not take more than a couple
of hours.

Game update: 2008 Jun 29

o  Starting this Monday (6/30) at 7:30 pm SERVER time, there will be a Mud
.  wide council every monday for half-an-hour.
.  This is a forum for both Mortals and Immortals to suggest ideas & front 
.  problems. Please note that this will be a structured event & while 
.  openness if expected, so is respect. Please, come and join us.

-  Please Remember to Vote for Mirrorsmud every 12 hours from the Links on the left of
.  the Website.

-  Active player involvement into the following site would be helpful.
o  mirrorsmud.darkbb.com

- Niila would like to state 'Don't teach crossrace, unless you are looking for trouble'

Game update: 2008 May 27

- The respining should return you to the correct place.

- Travel should no longer crash the mud

- A new command has been added norespin if you automatically respin
  the weave will return you to the starting zone.  If you turn norespin
  on you will need to find the Mistress and use the enter command to
  return to the zone you died in.
Game update: 2008 May 16

-   Armor check has been adjusted to stop falling.

-   Travel has been added, the trainer will spawn after finding the smob
    guarding her/him.

-   Cross where who will no longer work
Game update: 2008 May 11

-   Channelers who used "quickly" should be aware it has been adjusted 
Game update:
2008 April 18

  - Burning yourself out will no longer crash the mud, thus removing the burnout

Game update: 2008 April 17

  - Bags should no longer crash the mud :)

  - Trollocs character creation questions, will now affect thier stats properly.

  - Armor wearer's will notice a difference in the amount they fall down.

Game update:
2008 April 16
  - Races should now experience different movement loss in different sectors.

  - Item wear down has been disabled for now as the shops do not always mend
    everything that they should.

  - Equipment is now based strictly on race not your size.

  - Practice rooms in the White Tower have increase mana regen.
    WARNING This boost is only in the practice rooms, do not expect your
    Mana regen to be the same when you leave the tower or channel in other
    parts of the tower.

Game update: 2008 February 18

  - Trollocs have been added to the game! You may create and play to your
    hearts content however things are not 100%. Their area is small, the
    ability to make money is not done, there are skills yet to come. Things
    will be being changed constantly so dont complain!

  - If you have suggestions please add it to our wiki. See below. No whining,
    rants, complaining etc just suggestions and things you'd like to see. We
    will try to respond to suggestions if they are not possible or feasible.

Game update: 2007 October 17
  - Immortals will no longer leave tracks in rooms.
  - Once skills go below 0 they will now be forgotten appropriately.  You will
    still need to log out and in again to regain the practices.
  - When NPCs are immortal-controlled, they will not loot the corpse of the
    character that they kill.
  - Pouring out your liquid containers and refilling them will no longer cause
    your containers to continually increase in weight.
  - Sipping or drinking from your liquid containers should no longer cause them
    to remain heavier than they should be.
  - The command thistory now takes into account how wide your display is when
    formatting text to be displayed.
  ! Please note: if you ever have a container that weighs too much, pour it out
    and then refill it.

Game update: 2007 October 4
  - You can no longer accidentally wind up with animal skin if you choose an
    invalid skin type while creating characters.
  - Tying weaves will now take only the amount of mana you expected.  Unless!
    you fail to tie the weave, in which case it will take twice the mana.

Game update: 2007 Sept 27
  - Mail should now be saved after receiving it, preventing it from being lost over crash.
  - Shops should no longer crash when items are bought by keyword.
  - Appraise has been modified for channelers.
  - Potions will not vanish if they can't be used on items/players ect.
  - Dragkhar fearing has been modified.
Game update:
2007 May 24

  The wonderful windstorm that we're having tonight in the Windy City disrupted
  power for a short time several times today.  The UPS of course ran out of
  juice since the power was down for so long.  Fortunately, the server seems
  to be intact.
Game update: Feb, 16

  -Trollocs will now butcher items instead of bugs
  -When discharged you'll now know what clan discharged you.
  -Harvesting shouldn't give you any more "bug" items.
  -Potions can be studied
  -Campfires have been modified.
  -You can mail clans again.
  -Warded exits should now take into account if the weaver is in the group.

Game update: 2006 August 13

- Autowimpy will no longer fire 100%, it depends on your fear.
- Draghkar will no longer reduce your fear by 50, instead by 25%
  each time they're successful.
Game update: 2006 August 12

- Fame has been restored from a backup on July 13th to repair everyone's
  fame points.
Game update: 2006 Aug 8

Cheers go to Max, Talion and Paw for these fixes

- Clans have been redone to allow for more clans per charater.
- Accounts now have a limit of 2 characters per race, plus 3 to use as you desire.
- Who currently shows everyone and their levels.  This is temporary.
- bloodshot has a space after it now in eye description
- added color to where...
- talents have been adjusted so that they are assigned only upon completion 
  of showtime.
- mobs will now stand still if they are speaking to you. However, 
  there is a bug now that if a mob always stood still, they now 
  move on completion of a script. We'll get this one fixed as soon as we can.
- aielbow removed from socials
- fear regens faster if you're meditating.
- draghkar was mispelled somewhere and corrected.
- draghkar won't prey on your fear if they are blind, sleeping, or deafened.
  and the chance that it fires was reduced from 20% to 10%
- draghkar alters fear by 50 instead of 100. This will go to a percent shortly.
- idling checks the correct zone for the zone !idle flag.
- warrant only works on mobs if they belong to a clan
- if you belong to the white tower when your wilder event erupts, you do 
  not get the benefit of experiencing it.
- typos in butcher fixed.
- who updated to allow for -l 
- fame pts assigned to clan must have a clan specified otherwise it goes to 
  noclan and you lose pts. set your fame clan!
Game update: 2006 Aug 6

-  Wisdom's Scripts have been reworked. If you find problems with them, mudmail Paw.
Game update: 2006 May 20

- Forget has been disabled until its working properly.
Game update:
2006 May 14

- Fixed a bug in pick that was allowing anyone to pick any door.
- Fixed a bug with broken bonds not ending.
- Fixed a bug with equipment weardown.

Game update: 2006 May 09

- Wilders will now generate random weaves once thier show time is up
  For all of you who have passed the show time event, you can use talentupdate.
  Unfortuantely for those of you who were old timers and have your elements
  maxed out you may not experience a very long wilder event.  Also if you have
  joined the tower you will not experience the wilder event.  One final note,
  just becuase you are a channeler does not mean your a wilder so you may not
  experience anything when you use talentupdate.
- The other fixes where minor behind the scenes sort of things.

Game update: 2006 May 05

- Skinning will no longer yield large practice mats.
- Show time has been reduced.  It now ranges from 30 minutes to 18 hours. If 
  you still have a show time and it is longer than 18 hours, it will be reset.

Game update: 2006 May 02

- Experience loss due to death has now been reduced from the random 
25-150% it
  was, to the following:
    Die to an NPC  : 20-40% loss
    Die to a player: 10-20% loss

Game update: 2006 April 26

MirrorsMUD, now with less lag! (TM)

Yes, that's right, we've done away with the lag.  I realize some of you may
have liked the stop-action play, similar to the stop-action acting that William
Shatner made famous, but we've decided to try to get back to the original .1
second cycles, instead of the sometime 30-60 second cycles.

For those that are curious, we changed the functions that search through NPCs
and objects, reducing their overhead by roughly 5000 percent.

Death to LAG!
Game update: 2005 October 12

  Revamped some code to clear up the lag
Game update: 2005 October 5

  If you die and are respun into an unopened area please use bug in the room
  you were respun in.
  Aiel if you find a trainer that won't teach you Short skills please use the
  bug command.
Game update: 2005 September 13
  - Bound mounts will not be moving
  - When it says you fall from your mount you'll actually fall from the mount
  - If you can see a hidden door you should be able to open it
  - You shouldn't be able to ride anything while sitting on something else
  - Kicking will not allow negative moves
  - You should be able to scalp things in your inventory now
  - IMPORTANT The visibility of objects has been changed due to invisible items showing up if you notice
    items missing that should be there let us know ASAP

Game update: 2005 August 01
  - Gloves will now default to your hands
  - Mobs that shouldn't walk on water won't anymore
  - Mobs should check to see if they can see you before attacking
  - Wimpy mobs should flee instead of attacking
  - Shops value command for mend/resize is now working properly
  - Mobs should no longer be able to wear your equipment unless they are the
    same size as you
  - Reveal/Assist/Disengage/Kick commands have been tweaked

Game update: 2005 July 25
  - Changes have been made to awareness
  - Bemote should no longer work for broken bonds
  - Horses should be mountable in stables now
  - Forkroot potions will now work
  - Potion affects will show up on score
  - Hair items now require hair to wear them
  - Pestles should only grind plants
  - Appraise bugs have been fixed

Game update: 2005 June 30

Downtime was due to a thunderstorm that knocked out the telecomm lines
here.  When the lines came back up, the router didn't.  We're back up
now though. ;)

Game update: 2005 June 23

- Tells can now be sent to and from sleeping people.

Game update: 2005 June 17

- Negative moves are gone.  If you somehow still go negative (OTHER than
  from over-channeling) please determine what you did to do so and report
  it through the bug command.  If you think it isn't clear enough, e-mail
  a log to maxim@mirrorsmud.net.  Thank you for your cooperation!
Game update: 2005 June 16

- Skill decay on forms now acts the same way as it does for regular skills.
Game update: 2005 May 24

- Skill decay will only occur if you "forget " now.  It will no
  longer happen just from being online and idle.
Game update: 2005 February 23

- Dodge and parry values will no longer fluctuate wildly whenever you save.
Game update: 2005 February 18

- Death will no longer cause crashes.  You will be sent to one of several
  rooms now, not two or more simultaneously.
- Sneak, Hide, and Awareness have been tweaked so that they work more like
  they were intended.
- Objects should no longer break when worn out they will now stop giving any
  bonus once broken.
- Create water, filling, and pouring skins shouldn't give you a weight bug
  any more.
- Deafen will now actually make you deaf.
- Disengage will work if the mob is flagged no fight
- You can no longer warrant mobs.
Game update: 2005 February 9

- Fixed the death bug that was sending you to a dustfilled/empty room
- Sleeping channelers will not have draining weaves now
- Butchering should improve your survival skill
- When fleeing people will see which way you flee now
- You should no longer be able to draw a two handed weapon while wielding
  two single handed weapons
- em is now the shortcut for emote
- You should no longer be able to ride something in an inside type room
- sca is now the shortcut for scan
- whi is now the shortcut for whisper
- When a bonded person logs of the other end of the bond will be notified
- Clan list will now display "*" next to the name of inactive people
- Forms should start fighting even if the victim evades your form
- On mend/resize shops will now say I don't deal with that clan if it is a
  clan only item
- Mend times have been reduced based on damage that must be repaired
- Shops will now show you what a sheath can hold
- Tyerins petstore now had animals to buy
- Fireplaces in the tower should now be able to burn mail
- Only armor type items will now add to your abs
Game update: 2005 January 2

- When giving mobs items (such as turning in equipment) they will no longer
  wear the equipment if they have a script attached to them.
- There is a new terrain type (Blight).
- Combat has had a few bugs corrected:
  1. Victims that cannot see their attackers now have their defense cut in
     half, rather than if the attacker cannot see the victim.
  2. Weapons with accuracy bonuses will now add their bonus to your accuracy
     when attacking.
  3. Attackers accuracy is cut in half when they cannot see their victim,
     not when their victim cannot see them.
- Mobs with memory will no longer claim you're a darkfriend that attacked
  them, rather they will specify your race.
- You may no longer mount (ride) horses etc indoors.
- The circle is now notified when the circle's leader is performing a weave.
Game update: 2004 December 13

There was a little accident with equipment files this morning.  Everyone
has had their equipment restored from the 3am backup.
Game update: 2004 December 11

This update was a long one and mostly in the background, but you'll notice
a few changes.
- Commands loaded from modules will now show up in the command list. (Like
  fame, trade, polls, vote, etc).
- Commands, while they have always appeared alphabetically in the command
  list, have had their order mixed up a bit because of this new update.  If
  you want the commands to be useable with a sensible shortcut again (like
  sc for score), report it through the "bug" command.  It may take a little
  while for us to get to the bugs to fix the order but please bear with us.
  It's for a good cause! :)

Game update: 2004 November 15

o The field for items that indicates which clan the item belongs to is now
  properly set to indicate when items do not belong to any clan, which means
  more shops will mend/resize/etc non-clan items like they should have been
  doing in the first place.
o Sayto now puts a space between your name and your pretitle.
o Whois/finger should no longer crash us for _any_ player.  If it does report
  it through bug and be sure to include which player you whois'd or fingered.
o Resized items now show up as such in shop lists and will be resized for you
  as part of the purchase price.
Game update: 2004 November 14


o Those who can see taveren will no longer see every mob as Taveren.
o Residues and Taveren messages can now be hidden with nosense.
o Some lights can not be doused now.
o Kick whether you hit or not will always engage you now.
o Bond holders can no longer compel themselves to do something.
o Followers will now only be saved if you are in control of them.
o Resize prices have been altered.
o Shops will now only mend/resize merchandise that they deal with.
o Shields will now cut you off from the source like they should.
o Weaves that are held can not be untied now.
o Lights are no longer affected by wear size.
o You can not mount while carrying someone.
o When you are picked up you will now lose your followers.
o Wolfbrothers should no longer see themselves when sensing.
o When you are respun you should have enhanced vision untill sunup.
Game update: 2004 November 13

o Skeleton King has forms.  Originally they were at circle 6; he's since been
Game update: 2004 November 12

o All characters (PCs and Mobs) cannot be ordered to submit or subdue anymore.
Game update: 2004 November 5

o Weapons will now be usable by anyone of the same race instead of nearly the
  same weight.
o It should be impossible for you to die again while in the death zone
o You can now ghost while in any position.
o The weave 'flaming filaments' will now do regular damage as well as doing
  extra damage (which is all it had been doing).
o Resizing weapons or armor will now save the wear and tear on the items.
o Cost of mending items has been cut down by a factor of 10.
o A lot of mobs that were missing forms now have them.
o You can no longer weave if you are blinded.
o You cannot appraise until you have learned embrace/seize to 50%.
Game update: 2004 November 3 - More bugs fixed that affect mortals

o Saving while dead and then attempting to log back in (due to crash or other
  circumstances) will no longer cause bad things to happen (like crashes).
o Plant items attempting to take root shouldn't crash us anymore... (unless
  you're wearing them.... but how would you do that?)
o At long last! Equipment will _save_ the item's size!  This means logging out
  and logging back in will no longer fix the size for you.
o Mashadar will allow you to type commands again.
o Ward object's message displayed when the item is warded should now make sense
Game update: 2004 October 15

o Raiders have gotten smarter.  Mobs that are hunting chars or seeking rooms
  will now open doors... as long as they're humanoid.  Be warned, some of the
  mobs may be vindictive for all the times they've been locked out.

Game update: 2004 October 14

o Link pass  will no longer crash us if you try to pass a link when
  you are not part of a circle.
o Vertigo, cause drunkeness and fatigue will all inform you that you are still
  holding those weaves now.
o Delve will no longer produce "Channeler shiveris."  It's now the victim that
  will be seen shivering.
o Oracles will no longer see anything if they look at themselves.

Game update: 2004 October 12

o Olivia (Tower seamstress) will now accept novice shoes.
o Lanterns should no longer disappear when they burn out... whoops.
o A new talent: Min's talent.  If you get this talent you will be able to
  determine by looking at a person what is special about them... if anything.

Game update: 2004 October 09

o Only human mobs will attempt to light lightsources now.  No more birds
  with lanterns.

Game update: 2004 October 04

o Last of the draw bugs clobbered.  You no longer lose your weapon when
  drawing it while your hands are occupied.
Game update: 2004 September 29 - More bugs gone... *chomp* *chomp*

o People wielding colored weapons will not change the color of the characters
  that are listed after them in the rooms.
o If someone is sitting upon something it should no longer say so twice.
o Hidden characters, etc, will no longer wash out the remaining characters
  listed in the room.
o Draw will now also look for weapons left in your inventory, not just in
  sheaths.  It can replace your equipment in your hands depending on what
  you are drawing.
o There is a new setting for clans that will prevent you from resigning.  You
  must be discharged from these clans.  Currently none have this setting.
o People rescinding applications to secret clans will not have their actions
  broadcast to everyone in the mud anymore.
o Finally, you are either able to learn to channel, or you will learn to
  channel, but you will not be both.  This doesn't mean wilders cannot learn to
  channel... just clarifies the issue in the code.
o If you are logged out for an hour or more, any affects will also be removed
  once you return to the game.  These affects including blindness, awareness,
  poison, etc.
o NPCs entering darkened areas will now light any available light sources that
  are available to them (except light balls).  They will also light their
  light sources once the sun goes down.
o Trollocs will no longer shout Hey you're that fiend that attacked me.  Also
  everyone else that shouts that will call you a darkfriend, not a fiend.
o Sleeping mobs cannot call for help in progressive raids anymore.
o All lanterns should once again be refillable.  _IF_ yours will not allow you
  to refuel it, please have it replaced.  If a _new_ lantern cannot be
  refueled, please report it through typo.
o One person getting thrown from a horse will no longer crash the mud.  Whoops.

Game update: 2004 September 27 - Another great purging from the bug list.

o Deleting a character will no longer crash the mud.
o You can once again order mobs/PCs to do anything, not just assist, hit or
  kill.  However if you order them to do something while they are still in the
  process of recovering from the previous command, it will not work.  No more
  #99 order puppy kick ba'alzamon to survive meeting him. You know who you are!
o Mounts can no longer be ridden with 0% skill.  Thanks to the aiel who pointed
  this out to us.
o The rate at which footwear wears down has been slowed to about half.
o You can no longer ride your mounts across rivers just because you're carrying
  a boat in your inventory.
o You can no longer camp while riding a mount.
o Chests (as well as houses) will now save when items are placed inside the
  containers, not just when they are placed (or taken) from the room.
o Lanterns should no longer flicker and then be burned out immediately.
o Warders may be compelled by their channelers regardless of level.
o Light balls (and other items made from the one power) will no longer load
  from rent files.  Also you will be able to drop them again soon.
o When a channeler releases a shield, it will no longer leave the affect on the
  victim until the victim reaches for the source.  It will immediately vanish.
o Where will no longer show your warder (or channeler) if they are linkless.
o While riding, if two people are riding one mount and the mount decides to
  throw it's driver, both people will be thrown from the mount.
o If two people are riding one mount and one is thrown, it will no longer crash
  the mud.
o When the victim of windstorm is thrown into another room, that room is now
  notified of the victim's strange entrance.
o The weave cause headache now interferes with meditation for the victim.
o If you log off for an hour or more, you should now return with full health,
  moves, and mana (sps, channeling state, one power points, whatever).
o Delve will now cause the victim (patient?) to shiver when it is performed.
o change title will insert &&n at the end of the title if colors are used.
o You no longer need to be standing to write something.  Now you just need to
  be sitting.

Game update: 2004 August 10

More bugfixes:
o The %L prompt option now counts sunlight in addition to room lightsources.
o Light sources will now save their "refillable" flags, which means that as
  immortals fix lanterns and other refillable light sources, you will be able
  to refill them with fuel.
o A new room flag (norespin) has been added to prevent people from respawning
  in a dangerous room (such as a locked smob room).
o %room.clan% has been added, to report to a script the clan owner of a room.
o The desert sector will now show up in the map command, rather than not
  showing anything.
o Respond will now use the same date format as the rest of the board messages.
o Tells sent to you from a drunk character will show up drunk in thistory.
o Immortals are now able to send tells to people in spite of the notell flag.
o Searching for hidden exits when the exit does not have a door name will not
  crash the mud, it will show "door" as the name instead now.
o When carried people climb out of your hands it will now also remove the
  weight that had been added from carrying the person.
o Bald players will now show with "no hair" in their description, rather than
  "None hair".

Game update: 22 July 04

o The threefold land should now be visible during daylight hours again.
o Ride skill should increase due to riding from room to room again.
Game update: July 7, 2004

o Aiel spears should now be classified as "Short Spears".  Any Aiel who had
  some skill in spears automagically has the skill transferred to this new
o Looking into sheaths should now reveal what (if anything) is inside them.
o Armor point value worn is now displayed in status.
o Mount moves are now displayed in group/report.
o "You have mail waiting." message will now display how many mudmails you
  have waiting.
o History will now show the last x lines (10 by default) in your history file
  rather than the first 10.
Game update: 6 July 04

o (deaf) flag on who renamed to (noshout) so people understand what it means.
o History of deaths no longer adds additional newlines.
o Camping should now produce real objects, rather than lightsabers and unused
o Lights should now remove their lit value upon burning out... this includes
  the light value on characters and rooms.
o At character creation, names should only have the first letter capitalized.
o All the remaining letters will be forcibly lower-cased.
o Houses should be saving every 5 minutes now as originally intended.  Not all
  chests/houses have been recreated yet.
o Memote command added.  See help memote for details.
o You may now drop items woven of the one power without causing crashes.
o Mounts will not enter a room that is sector INSIDE anymore.  They will also
  not go through an exit flagged NOMOUNT.
o Mounts will have a much harder time throwing a rider who has mastered the
  ride skill.
o You should see a staggering message if you are becoming exhausted.
o The underline color code has been disabled so memote spoofs are less likely.
Game update: June 11, 2004

o The fog/dust weaves should no longer cause crashes when channelers quit.
o The drop dead code from running when exhausted has been altered so you will
  collapse most of the time (unless you're over 40, then the chance to die
  still exists).
o Trainers should no longer mind if your skill practices are <= 0 when trying
  to learn new weaves.
o Ram of air will no longer crash us if you weave it on a door without another
  side to it.
Game update: June 8, 2004

o Abandon and lead have been added for use with mounts.
o Followers (and their mounts) cannot be run to death, instead they will fall
o Score will now show fear (and you can type score while feared).
o The draghkar have been tweaked.  They should now only target one individual
  at a time.
Game update: June 7, 2004

o Mounts will bring both riders to the next room now.
o People can run themselves to death.
o Walkers (and mounts) will wear down their footwear.
Game update: May 27, 2004

o Equipment decay has been slowed down quite a bit.
o Objects not mended will now break.
o Clan Objects can now be mended.
Game update: May 21, 2004

o Follower files have been cleaned so you'll have to get new ones.

o If you should quit out of a zone and load back outside of the pattern
  please notify someone of the zone that you last quit in.
Game update: May 18, 2004

** The Update is finally here if you find that you are too afraid to
   move please contact an imm.

** Enjoy finding the new changes as they are far too numerous to list
   at the moment.
Game update: April 14, 2003

All sparring mobs except recruits now have Forms and are no longer as easy as
they used to be.
Game update: April 8, 2003
Be aware that clan chests will no longer hold 1000lbs of eq. The max is now
300 lbs. From now on there will be no eq left lying on the ground in houses
or the room will be purged if found by an IMM, this means everything,
including the chests. Houses are not meant to be used to collect thousands
of items, especial keys, quest objs etc, only to keep nessesary spare eq.
Game update: April 2, 2003

Update "successful" after far too many problems.  New system has 768MB of
RAM and for now a 1.8Ghz processor.  Also has a new motherboard, network
card... power supply... basically it's been rebuilt from the ground up.
                                                -- Maxim
Game update: March 27, 2003
Apparently, on March 21 someone created the Dragon.  Impressive isn't it?
That same someone deleted him within minutes.  Feel sorry for him.  He
deleted one of the strongest channelers and the single strongest Ta'veren
created on Mirrors.  It's no wonder that the pattern cried out in agony.
Game update: Feb 13, 2003

o Armor that is worn on the forearms will count for the arms
  area rather than the wrists.
o Armor is presently being reworked. Some values might change
o Messages for stand up were fixed.
o A problem with stealing from sleeping people has been fixed.
o Forms now have the same increase delay as normal skills.
Game update: Feb 9, 2003

o Handtalk is now pass through drunken speech along with every other
  comm that we have.
o The search skill will now be more informative when searching for
  a door that doesn't exist.
o Sitting standing resting if your on an object try standing again
  and you'll step off, and walking while standing on something
  won't be happening anymore.
o You'll now get a message when you loose a follower
o Keys take care of them they will break when over used.
o Armor skill repaired it can increase once again.
o The clan log function will now work for you if you can award cp's.
o Holler will now cost its 10 mvs.
o CRASH saving follower should now work correctly.
o Blade forms require you to stand through the whole form.
o Pick and search will now be needed.
o Skills shouldn't bounce between 69 and 70% anymore.
o A new policy is in place concerning race/gender specific clothing
  Mainly, Westlanders should not wear Aiel clothing. For more
  information please see the mortal information board.
o Subdue will no longer work on mobiles unless they have been flagged
  subduable by the builders.  As of this time, there are none.
o The original 'who' command has been renamed 'cwho' (for clan who).  The
  current 'who' command for mortals will display all players online of the
  same race, and all immortals that are visible.  See mortal information
  board for more details.
Game update: Jan 28, 2003

+ New gate triggers are in place in Tar Valon and Caemlyn (Outer city).  If
  these gates do not open when they should, or are unresponsive to the 'call'
  command, try 'reset' first, and if they are still having problems, report
  it through the typo command.

o Nosense toggle for channelers to stop sensing of others weaves.
o Compare skill can now be learned.
o Skills will have a short delay before improving to the next percent.
o Mounts of group-mates should no longer be targetted by weaves.
o Changed refresh's pre-req weaves.  No changes were made to the elements
o Fixed spelling of "fiery vines" and "flaming filaments" weaves.

NOTE: The line in consider referring to channeler strength (if you see it at
      all), now refers to the _current_ strength, not potential.  Channelers
      have not lost any strength in their elements.
Game update: Jan 20, 2003
o This may not mean much to many people, but the mud now understands the NAWS
  telnet option.  This means that when you are reading something that is too
  large to fit on the screen, it will display as much as you can see, rather
  than just 20 lines at a time.
o sayto has been fixed so the output makes sense again.
o New talents have been added (channelers only).  Channelers might now be able
  to see residues of weaves and Ta'veren.  Use talentupdate for your chance at
  these talents.
o A violent feeling (noquit) has been added to score's display.
o When equipping horses, the messages are no longer absurd.
o A new command while in the editor (/? ) will allow you to lookup the
  spelling of a word in our dictionary (like ispell does outside the editor).
o Some weave damages were increased.
o Some weave pre-requisites were corrected.
o New custom color: group.  It affects gsay/gtell and report.
o Equipment worn on the body (body1 position actually) will now cover eq. worn
  on the groin.
o Neck gear should no longer show a message you shouldn't see if you try to
  wear more than 4 pieces of it.
o Houses no longer prevent non-guests from entering.  You have been warned.
  Keys will be available in the future, but for now only leave things laying
  around that you don't mind having stolen by looters.
o Queen's guard has a new board that works.
o Applicants will no longer see ocsays of clans.
o User entered colors will only be visible if you have usercolor turned on AND
  color set to complete.  It seems redundant but if color was off you would
  still receive user entered colors which is a nono.
o Fades and Trollocs may now see in the dark.
o Polls can have variable number of answers now.
o Trade will no longer allow you to trade with yourself.
o Only strong ta'veren will show to those with that talent.
o You can no longer rest in a room flagged !rest. (Think ferries).
o You can no longer weave when blind.
o You can no longer heal or refresh while the channeler or victim is fighting.
Game update: Dec 15, 2002
o Shops will now sell things when they are closed.  If you wish to pay double
  the price buy something within an hour of opening/closing.  If you wish to
  pay quadruple (4x) buy something more than an hour from their opening time.
Game update: Dec 14, 2002
o Armor neckware (such as gorgets) only affect your abs when worn in the first
  eq slot for neckwear.  Now when you wear such equipment, it will automagic-
  ally swap with whatever is in your first eq slot for neckwear.
o Carried people will now be carried with you when you move from room to room.
o Thanks to Jetta's observation that people in a canoe wearing armor shouldn't
  fall flat on their face, they will instead choke on water (with a minor hit-
  point deduction) as they fall in any water rooms.
o When lights begin to go out now, they will only give messages while carried
  by a character or when in a room.  No more crashes from lit lanterns being
  carried inside packs.  Though in the future your pack may catch on fire...
Game update: Dec 12, 2002
Here's a list of most of the updates since August 9th:

o New custom color for say added.  Will affect say and sayto.
o Info now reports the correct amount of clan points required for the next rank.
o Search has been more fully added.
o Assist, hit, rescue and kick all check your ride skill now before executing.
o Bash will no longer attack the character you are fighting if it cannot find
  the one you specify.
o Backstab will now improve the victim's alertness skill instead of the
o If you cannot quit, you will not dismount your horse.
o The bug which was causing the mud to disallow new characters to be created
  has been eliminated.
o Rabid wolfbrothers lose the ability to speak.
o Whispers can be overheard by those with sensitive hearing.
o Map will no longer make the mud go nuts.
o You can no longer teach channelers of the other half of the power the weaves
  you know.
o Bankers will not deal with people they cannot see anymore.
o Channeler mobs will now attack mobs that attack them as well as PCs.
o Updates will hopefully stop trying to convince us they haven't been read.
o Mobs no longer try to assist the dead.
o You can no longer do forms from horseback.
o Descriptions/trophies/etc should no longer carry over from one char in your
  account to the next.
o The polling system alerts you at login when there are new polls.
Game update: April 5, 2002
o The beginning stages of wolfbrothers have been implemented.  Those who
  passed their 'showtime' in the past and are wolfbrothers should see
  immediate messages after logging in, and to those who haven't shown yet,
  it will be obvious when it happens ;)  If this applies to you, please
  use the 'sense' command.

  Please send a tell or mudmail to Erica for any bugs relating to this.

o The internal MUD time has been reset to 953 NE, and time has been slowed
  to about a quarter its previous speed, so that we are in the correct
  place in the timeline.  This means both daytime and night will last longer,
  so bring your lanterns if the moon is not out!

o Color is settable on watchskills - change color
o Show-time has been lowered to a max of 5 playing days - good news
  for people with specials
o All mud times should be correct, if you find any procedures that
  seem to be taking a full tic when they should only be 1min, let
  us know. This does not include shops.
o Some behind the scenes memory leaks and crash bugs have been corrected.
Game update: Mar 9, 2002

o The bug that was preventing newly created players from entering the game
  properly has been found and exterminated.  Invite your friends once more!
Game update: Mar 7, 2002
o Fame was added.  See 'help fame' for details.
Game update: Feb 26, 2002
o Tweaked the move costs when moving around too quickly so that you can move
  slightly faster without penalty.
Game update: Feb 14, 2002
Here's a list of the latest changes
o a few mysterious crash bugs have been fixed
o following characters now show a little different to reflect various ways followers are used.
o score2 is now gone
o run command has been removed (wasn't used much and caused crashes)
o hidden doors now need skill to find the doors when looking in a direction
o trophy looks a little different
o moving around quickly will be detrimental as always intended but didn't work
o small bugs in romance fixed
o mana has been removed (good luck!)
o warded exits glow in darkrooms now
o a ton more background changes, compacting code, fixing stuff etc that doesn't affect you
    directly and you wouldn't understand ;)
Game update: Jan 5, 2002
New changes over the past week.
o Lights should now work completely. See the help file for how to use
    also remember lanterns are fillable with oil!
  **General Changes**
o forms added. *testing stage only do not bug to gain this*
o forms information added to charinfo.
o page no longer sends a garbage buffer to the sender if no argument
    was given.
o yell and where both are smarter about their range.
o faction information under charinfo updated.
o track is now grammatically correct.
o draw [weapon] is now valid.
o nosneak and nohide rooms work.
o watchskills toggle is now available.
o cannot map in the dark properly now.
o ocsay added for clans with overclans like the Tower
o practices are no longer going nuts for level 52-54 characters.
o practice/list_skills now lists skills known, even if the pre-requisites
    have fallen below their required levels.
 **Channeler things**
o air prereqs adjusted to allow for more current air weaves to be learned.
o airbands sp draw upped and #banded down.
o do_quit now releases airbands victims if the caster quits.
o dying releases airband victims as well.
o weave damages for several weaves have been increased.
o some weave failing results have been changed.
o hurricane renamed to windstorm.

lots of minor changes, cleanups, etc

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