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Current gametime:
NE 1213 Choren 20 @ 2:00
Game update: 2007 October 17
  - Immortals will no longer leave tracks in rooms.
  - Once skills go below 0 they will now be forgotten appropriately.  You will
    still need to log out and in again to regain the practices.
  - When NPCs are immortal-controlled, they will not loot the corpse of the
    character that they kill.
  - Pouring out your liquid containers and refilling them will no longer cause
    your containers to continually increase in weight.
  - Sipping or drinking from your liquid containers should no longer cause them
    to remain heavier than they should be.
  - The command thistory now takes into account how wide your display is when
    formatting text to be displayed.
  ! Please note: if you ever have a container that weighs too much, pour it out
    and then refill it.

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