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Current gametime:
NE 1213 Choren 19 @ 22:00
Game update: 2006 Aug 8

Cheers go to Max, Talion and Paw for these fixes

- Clans have been redone to allow for more clans per charater.
- Accounts now have a limit of 2 characters per race, plus 3 to use as you desire.
- Who currently shows everyone and their levels.  This is temporary.
- bloodshot has a space after it now in eye description
- added color to where...
- talents have been adjusted so that they are assigned only upon completion 
  of showtime.
- mobs will now stand still if they are speaking to you. However, 
  there is a bug now that if a mob always stood still, they now 
  move on completion of a script. We'll get this one fixed as soon as we can.
- aielbow removed from socials
- fear regens faster if you're meditating.
- draghkar was mispelled somewhere and corrected.
- draghkar won't prey on your fear if they are blind, sleeping, or deafened.
  and the chance that it fires was reduced from 20% to 10%
- draghkar alters fear by 50 instead of 100. This will go to a percent shortly.
- idling checks the correct zone for the zone !idle flag.
- warrant only works on mobs if they belong to a clan
- if you belong to the white tower when your wilder event erupts, you do 
  not get the benefit of experiencing it.
- typos in butcher fixed.
- who updated to allow for -l 
- fame pts assigned to clan must have a clan specified otherwise it goes to 
  noclan and you lose pts. set your fame clan!
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