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Current gametime:
NE 1218 Adar 2 @ 13:00
Game update: 2005 February 9

- Fixed the death bug that was sending you to a dustfilled/empty room
- Sleeping channelers will not have draining weaves now
- Butchering should improve your survival skill
- When fleeing people will see which way you flee now
- You should no longer be able to draw a two handed weapon while wielding
  two single handed weapons
- em is now the shortcut for emote
- You should no longer be able to ride something in an inside type room
- sca is now the shortcut for scan
- whi is now the shortcut for whisper
- When a bonded person logs of the other end of the bond will be notified
- Clan list will now display "*" next to the name of inactive people
- Forms should start fighting even if the victim evades your form
- On mend/resize shops will now say I don't deal with that clan if it is a
  clan only item
- Mend times have been reduced based on damage that must be repaired
- Shops will now show you what a sheath can hold
- Tyerins petstore now had animals to buy
- Fireplaces in the tower should now be able to burn mail
- Only armor type items will now add to your abs
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