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Current gametime:
NE 1218 Adar 3 @ 11:00
Game update: 2005 January 2

- When giving mobs items (such as turning in equipment) they will no longer
  wear the equipment if they have a script attached to them.
- There is a new terrain type (Blight).
- Combat has had a few bugs corrected:
  1. Victims that cannot see their attackers now have their defense cut in
     half, rather than if the attacker cannot see the victim.
  2. Weapons with accuracy bonuses will now add their bonus to your accuracy
     when attacking.
  3. Attackers accuracy is cut in half when they cannot see their victim,
     not when their victim cannot see them.
- Mobs with memory will no longer claim you're a darkfriend that attacked
  them, rather they will specify your race.
- You may no longer mount (ride) horses etc indoors.
- The circle is now notified when the circle's leader is performing a weave.
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