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Below are listed the things everyone should know about the Wheel of Time.
  1. The Wetlands
    This is the name given to the first countries seen in the books by the Aiel. The wetlands are comprised of the following nations: Altara, Andor, Arafel, Arad Doman, Tarabon, Amadica, Mayene, Tear, Cairhien, Shienar, Kandor, Saldaea, Ghealdan and Illian. The Two Rivers may or may not be a seperate country depending on your point of view; Andorans hold it to be part of Andor, while native Two Rivers folk would laugh in their faces. Near the center of the wetlands lies the city of Tar Valon, not a nation in itself, but still more powerful than all the other nations put together.
  2. Aes Sedai and Warders
    To most people in the countryside of the nations, these figures are myths and legends. Other people know better. The Aes Sedai are women who are born with the ability to channel something known as the One Power. They are never men, not since the breaking of the world, when the Dark One's counterstroke tainted the male half of the One Power and drove all the male channelers insane. The Aes Sedai of this Age are usually accompanied by a warrior whom she has bonded for life. The warder gains several physical advantages compared to other men, such as faster healing and the ability to go for long periods of time without sleep. What the Aes Sedai gains is a highly guarded secret.
  3. The Dark One
    An evil spirit with no physical form known to man, equal in power with the Creator, the Dark One is also known as Shai'tan. His true name should never be spoken however, for saying it brings his eye to focus upon you and evil to befall you. He was found during the Age of Legends, imprisoned by the Creator since the beginning of the turning of the Wheel. Channelers of the Age managed to bore an opening into the prison in an attempt to free him. What these channelers hoped to gain by freeing him was the promise of eternal life, and power over all the others in the world. The common name for these people in the wetlands is darkfriends.
  4. The Age of Legends
    The end of this Age occured some 3,000 years in the past. The ending was marked by the strike on Shayol Ghul which sealed the Dark One back in his prison. The strike was led by Lews Therin Telamon, him who they first named the Dragon, and later, Kinslayer. The reason for the latter name is that the Dark One's counterstroke to his re-imprisonment was to taint the male half of the One Power, which inevitably drove all the male Aes Sedai insane. Lews Therin's insanity led him to hunt down and destroy every last person alive that shared a drop of his blood, including his wife Ilyena.
  5. Darkfriends
    These people are found in every land, in every rank and walk of life. Nobles and peasants, farmers and tradesmen, all are capable of being darkfriends. They pledge their service to the Shadow in return for the promise of everlasting life and power over those they would rule. At the highest ranks of the darkfriends are the Forsaken.
  6. The Forsaken
    They are thirteen of the most powerful channelers of the Age of Legends that went over to the Shadow. Their original names are forgotten in the mists of time, but the names that the followers of the Light gave them remain in people's memories even now, 3,000 years after they were sealed with the Dark One in his prison. Their names are: Aginor, Bel'al, Balthamel, Ishmael, Graendal, Sammael, Mesaana, Semirhage, Lanfear, Demandred, Rahvin, Moghedien and Asmodean.

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