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March 11, 2001

Its been a horribly long time since we've updated here but I figure more important to be doing work on the mud for everyone ;) But here we are, things are about as ready as we can get them for people to come play and start enjoying the mud. So tell all yours friends to come check us out and see what they think. Just DONT spread the word by logging on other muds and narrating or chatting, terrible form. Here is a small list of things we have in for you.

*Channeling with air weaves (more coming at all times)

*Major skills such as weapons, sneak hide and dual wield, riding and butchering which may yield stuff you can sell (note not all animals have things set yet)

*8000 odd rooms to play in, 1800 mobs to interact with and 2600 objs to use

*Dual riding

*Interesting combat system including weapon speeds, ranges and positionings

*Trainers scattered around the world from whom you can learn anywhere from 1 skill to many. Skill build upon each other so you must know shortblades to learn stab to learn backstab for instance. PC's may teach and learn from each other.

*Clans in development RP wise but are fully functional with awarding, inducting and promoting clan members etc available.

*Many more equipment wear spots then usually found.


Oct 18, 2000

Alright, since no one else is writing updates it seems, I will. Four days ago (the 14th) we switched to the base that I've been coding for the past four months. Player testing is currently underway, where the imms get to break wiz commands, and the mortals will get to break mortal commands. Combat isn't fully in yet though so it's pointless for mortals to be on just yet.

The last few things needed from the code before we can go to beta are listed below:
  1. Clan logs (write clan activity to log files that can be viewed both by immortals through syslogs and clan members through a spec_proc somewhere).
  2. The 'find' command (which is currently 50% completed) to search through the world for mobs/objs/rooms/kits/trigs/shops/zones.
  3. The base support for skills, i.e. learning them and being able to set them up according to our standards.
  4. Our money system (just because it'll be such a pain to write in after mortals are playing).
  5. Activating the 'show' time for characters once created. (Currently all 'show' times are halted while we're still out of beta.

The world needs a bit of work, but I dunno what, I'm a coder. The buidlers keep to themselves.


Sept 14, 2000

Added a new section to the pages called aboutus. Tells about how mirrors started, shows our immortals and contact emails and talks about the code we use.


 Tue Sep 12 (Maxim) :: Beta Update

Yes that's right it's a beta update, or maybe it should be called player testing update, but still it's more effective to call it "beta update", it draws everyone's attention right away, admit it! Well last time I listed 15 projects that needed to be completed.

Here's the updated list (these are code projects only):


1) Convert mud database
3) Check out combat and make sure it's our combat
6) Money System
7) Kits and Kedit
10) mounts
11) skills (few, not all)
13) random creation option in chargen.
15) enter/exit messages on mobs and players.


This one was removed and split into the seperate *edit commands...


5) OLC functions need to be altered to work with the complete database The ones that are done : redit sedit trigedit The ones that need work: medit zedit(90% done) oedit(half done)

And here's what's been done (one week later):

2) Add mob flags/defines
4) zone_reset function improvement
8) Verify mobile shops work and that shops use the mirrorsmud money.
9) Command levels / godset
12) dg_script additions
14) percentage loading Once zedit is verified

For as much as is in, kits are the next thing to go in, and then kedit. After that... well the rest is gravy as they say.


Maximus =)


September 6th 2000


Began revamping the mortal webpages and updating them.




May, 2000


Discovered another online game named Mirrors of the Wheel, thanks go to Nass for finding this. In a discussion with their Imp, we arranged for each of us to adjust our name a bit and provided links to each others page, but decided a total change was unnecessary as they are MOO/MUSH type game rather then a MUD and a competitor.




May, 2000


Began updating immortal pages to fit with new mortal pages.




April, 2000


Created the basic pages and set up.





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