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NE 1218 Adar 2 @ 18:00
Website update: 2002 May 31 (Loril)
Alright! We have successfully moved the MUD to our new server. We are now 
on a faster machine, with more RAM.

Our domain name is working now as well, and our website OBVIOUSLY 
is back up, though we are now running it on port 8080 instead of the 
default port, so you need to use the address http://www.mirrorsmud.net:8080 
to reach it.

If you are one of the 76 mortals whose save files changed while we were on 
our temporary server, you may either play with the prior save file, or let 
us know that you wish to use your save file from the temp server. Beware 
though, you may have incurred skill dacay due to the noquit zones bug that 
existed on that server.

Finally, I'll mention that back in March we made an adjustment to time, 
slowing it down so days are now longer, and resetting us back to within 
our pre-Aielwar timeframe.
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