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NE 1211 Tammaz 20 @ 3:00
Website update: 2001 September 15 (Shawnyve)

Ok, some people are misunderstanding some older updates we've put up.  
Specifically one that mentioned a pwipe. This wipe happened June 26th, and
paved the way into phase two beta which we are now in.

Phase two is going very well. Our player base is growing and they report
enjoying everything despite crashes ;) We had a record 40 people on this
past week which was amazing and very pleasing to see so many give us a
try. On avg we have 10-20 people on at any given time.

We are trying to get some publicity through topmudsites.com. You can vote
us up in thier top 100 muds by going to our home page and clicking on the
button on the top left. In other ways, having players write reviews is
very helpful and lets prospective players read how real people feel about
it. You can do so at topmudsites.com and also on mudconnector.com.
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