The Watcher

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The Watcher

Post by Aruon » Wed Jan 11, 2012 5:07 am

It was almost twilight by the time he crested the hill, his horse long since left to feed at the nearby stable. Even in the dim light, the Gaidin could see the faint outline of the rubble. The ruins were so close, yet so far.

His sword hand ached, and his whole body felt anxious. It was cold outside, yet still a few beads of sweat trekked down his face. So much of his time training had been leading up to this day. Despite his best attempts, he could not keep the bond from echoing his feelings.


In that maze was the man who took on any who would challenge him. And for this Gaidin, it was time to test his own strengths. Back through the bond, Arleve answered back with emotions of caution, but also him. She would be the first to know he'd lost.

On that small hilltop, watching the sun slowly rise and push back the twilight hours that covered the landscape, he knew it would be today that would define his own faith and in skills. Picking himself up from the sitting position he had been in for at least an hour, he scanned the horizon.

And then...he began to walk towards the Ruins.

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