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Re: HP Regen

Posted: Wed May 22, 2013 5:56 pm
by Niila
Now then, after such a long time, I was able to come up with some kind of a solution to this issue while keeping it under proper restraints. The traditional concern has been that if regeneration was upped, it would be far too potent in combat (indeed, it would be hideously difficult to kill someone or die in general).

Therefore, the solution to the problem is to make regeneration /much/ speedier when you don't have Violent Feeling. This way, you will regenerate a lot of faster when you don't get engaged in a set amount of time. "Down" times should decrease quite notably this way, yet it will keep regeneration while 'in action' in restrain.

Hopefully this fix will do something to tune down the amount of 'sitting on your behind' while waiting for your health to return.

With best regards,