Warrants that hold in several countries

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Warrants that hold in several countries

Post by Niila » Mon Oct 25, 2010 4:53 am

On the many cities on the west side of Dragonwall, the following information is hollered in the cities on a regular basis.

Dezadryk, an former member of the Shining Guard has murdered the Amyrlin Seat! He has revealed his intentions in hampering the Light Bidding men and women, and has proven himself to be a male channeler!

Captain Azil Mareed, the commander of the Shining Guard, has put a price on his head! The price is sixty six thousand, and six hundred copper! Dead, or alive!

This bold assassination will not go unheeded! The White Tower asks that all nations assist in capturing this dangeous individual, if they do not fear death! Contact the Aes Sedai about the movement of this individiual, and you may receive a large reward for any clues that lead to his capture!

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