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Post by Ganelon » Sat Mar 02, 2013 9:07 pm

Starting tomorrow morning (my time), my presence on the MUD is going to be somewhat restricted. I'm starting four years at Uni, and the first few weeks are going to be somewhat hectic. After that, I will still be able to log on at times, unless in class (going to have a lot of down-time between classes to fill in).

As you've probably already noted, Niila is pretty busy with Uni at the moment as well.

Just want to remind everyone of a couple of things:

1) We both check PM's and the forums daily - I'll often check them every time I have a few minutes spare throughout the day. Don't hesitate to send a PM to either of us. If it's something that can't be seen to on the spot, it will be done ASAP.

2) There are often Imms around, simply not visible on the Who list for various reasons. If you run into a problem that needs attention before you log out, it's always worth trying a pray.

3) Most the older players can answer questions and help out as well as most Immortals can - sometimes better, as they predate both Niila and myself.

4) Projects I have been working on will be finished. I'm just going to need a little patience until I get settled in and readjust my times to fit RL and MUD together.

That's pretty much it. Insert all the usual Ganelon standard comments - Don't crash the MUD. If you do crash the MUD, remember to blame it on Sargon. Any misbehaving will draw my usual rabid attention, and Keruk - stop doing that (whatever it is you're doing right now....).
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