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When I decided to return to mudding and seek a Wheel of Time based game I checked out a number of them. Most were cookie cutter hack and slash with little to no roleplay.

I chose to stay here because of the unique mix of roleplay and pk. I like the fact that we have to work at skills and weaves, and yes I'll end up with a "overpowered" channeler someday. I see it as worth the time and effort I currently put into building Krin.
The fact that you can make your character into just about anything that fits into the theme is another plus. if I wanted to play a gleeman or hunter of the horn I could, If I wanted to be an innkeeper or travelling merchant both are options. If I wanted to be a tinker and never do anything violent that is also an option. The imms willingness to work with the players is another reason I stay. One of my alts had a long conversation with Keruk when considering the best clan for this character. This wouldn't happen on most other muds.

If we tried to bring balance amongst all the different clans and guilds we would loose something special. I'm now mid-level with a lot of work to do before I'm even allowed to leave the White Tower. OOC'ly I could walk out of the tower anytime I wanted and do just about anything. The quality of RP keeps me in there. There is some amazingly good RP within the Tower, you never doubt for a moment that Vierna, Samira and Arleve are full Aes Sedai. I've met Arleve exactly once in game and the brief conversation was exactly what I imagine a Full Sister might have with a high potential Novice.
Hanging out with Novice Blossom ( created by and played by one of our IMM's) is a ton of fun.
I include the the conversations with Dez through tells as part of the high quality RP here. It's all IC and if Krin were willing to be in the same room with him for even a moment he'd be getting fame votes from me for the quality of his RP.

In any world there are those who are strong and those who are weak. The weak learn how to deal with and work with the strong there are a lot of ways to do this. In other games the strong prey on the weak because they can, my experience here is the strong leave the weak alone unless there is a valid rp reason to do something. I wouldn't want to see pk level restrictions or a bunch of flags. Here how you act and treat others pretty much determines how you are treated.

My alts have had similar experiences.

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