Mirrors of the Wheel Mud

Builder Questionnaire

If you wish to help out Mirrors of the Wheel by building, please fill out this preliminary questionnaire to help us determine who you are and how to get you started.

**Please note that if you have not played the mud for at least a few weeks you will not be considered for an Imm, unless you have been recommended by an experienced Immortal with us. You should also enjoy interacting with the other Imms as our Immortal staff is very closeknit. NO BAD/ANTAGONISTIC ATTITUDES ALLOWED ;)**

Please provide the following contact information:


Have you read the Wheel of Time series that Mirrors of the Wheel is themed after? Please note that you must have read at least Book 1 to be hired. Experience shows non-theme builders do not work out.


How would you rate your English Language skills? 0 low - 10 superb

Do you have experience building for a mud?


What online creation systems are you familiar with?

Do you have an Immortal on another mud at this time?


Are you an active Immortal there?


If no, why not?

If yes, why do you enjoy having an Immortal there?

Please list the names of the MUDS you've imm'd at include addresses, your position held, how long and other relevant information such as if the mud is defunct.

Why would you like to be an Immortal with mirrors?

From your experience playing mirrors what do you like best about it so far?

From your experience playing mirrors what do you dislike?.

What are the top three things you'd like to see added to mirrors?

Please list your areas of building interest. ie. forests, plains, the Tower,
the Aiel, the Blight etc.

Please write three sample rooms of different types. For instance one forest room, one city type room and one Threefold Land type room of between 3 and 10 lines. It does not have to be those types, I used them just as examples.

Mirrors room building guidelines

Note: We do not check into every mud or imm, although it is something we may occasionally do. 

Please be honest on this application. If we find at some point in the future that you were not, your Imm will be deleted.


Marie Lock
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